Friday, March 30, 2012

This is Sour Punch Twists and they are sour straws candy. Of course its function is to eat them, but not a whole so you wont see the dentist for a toothache. I saw this first with one of my friends who was sharing them while I was in class. I really like them and bought them. The style of the package or design reminds me of Psychedelia Era because of its crazy colors, lines, and it really stands out when you see it in stores. The typeface fits its theme, yet very modern and easier to read then some Psychedelia fonts. This is more of a modern approach. I like the word PUNCH because it is emphasized well. It really has a punch once you have more then one for sure. I think the artwork is playful, attracting, and illustrated well. What attracted me was fisrt it was candy and because I really like bright funky colors last but not least the design is not written across the package but titled on a angle in my opinion. 

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