Friday, April 27, 2012


I thought this would be interesting to share this. This remind me of when I started Typography 1 class with Jennifer. Our 1st assignment was to create an image of yourself or an image of a person out of time. I thought this was a clever way using  letters. To me, when I did the first exercise I never knew it would be possible. You never know how creative you could be with letters. I saw this on the internet because I wanted to see how far we could go with typography.I think this style is very modern, contemporary design. It attracted me because it is a well design and very creative.

I try to check out new graphic design posters, advertisement anything that is out there. This is the website I found this image from that really interested me. It might not be the best but it is really good to do research everyday to be inspired and to learn NEW design styles everyday.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is a image of Palmolive dish washing soap. Its function is to clean your dishes also leave your hands very smooth and soft. It has a touch of vitamin E that makes your hands so so soft. It really works. You could see this anywhere in grocery stores. The style of design would be Postmodern or todays style. The typography is well balanced for the theme of the product. You could tell by the emphasis on the bottle it self. I think the artwork is very functional, clean, to me feminine without being insulting and simple.    I am sure it attracted many woman or whom ever wants their hand very soft after washing dish in HOT water leaving their hand rough.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What you see right here is the 1st Galaxy S Samsung smart phone.Its function is to call people, surface the web, anything smart phones now a days do today. Oh I am not into technology so dont ask any questions. I always wanted this phone since it came out but now have the urge to change it to the NEW Galaxy S 2 ! I would always see it in commercials and that is how I saw this. I feel the style design is Post Modern or digital whatever it is because the new features it has. I love the typography because of its futuristic features it has. Its sharp looking, edgy, and very modern. It attracted me since it came out so I just bought  it but something that is bad about this, is sometimes the phone freezes on you occasionally.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What it is? This a Bed Head brand name hairspray for men. Its function is to keep your hairstyle apparently steady, perfect, and smelling good. What I don't like about this product, it leaves white flakes in hair after a while. I first saw it in Jcpenny's salon then I bought it. My hairstylist said the brand it really good so I thought to try the hairspray out. What attracted me also to this product it the grungy feel to this bottle.   I feel like it is a bad boy spray, just like what you see in the AXE commercials. I really like the design of the product, it is simple, straight forward which you know who the product is for, and on the bottom it has clean typography. I might be wrong but I think the typography that is on the bottom might be Univers or Futura medium. There is really not that much of an artist look to but the grungy big B that it has on the bottle.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Envelopes worlds good creations. These are security tinted envelops. Its function is to mail your bills, whatever you put things in an envelop. Everyone sees all types of envelops: big, small, yellow you name it. I think the type of style of design this product fits in is Contemporary and the typography is modern, clean, simple. I think the typeface might be Helvetica. Mostly everything has this typeface, it's the default of everything. The artwork is simple, contemporary, functional. What attracted me to this was because we talked about contemporary era during class  and new modern products are developed everyday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is Sour Punch Twists and they are sour straws candy. Of course its function is to eat them, but not a whole so you wont see the dentist for a toothache. I saw this first with one of my friends who was sharing them while I was in class. I really like them and bought them. The style of the package or design reminds me of Psychedelia Era because of its crazy colors, lines, and it really stands out when you see it in stores. The typeface fits its theme, yet very modern and easier to read then some Psychedelia fonts. This is more of a modern approach. I like the word PUNCH because it is emphasized well. It really has a punch once you have more then one for sure. I think the artwork is playful, attracting, and illustrated well. What attracted me was fisrt it was candy and because I really like bright funky colors last but not least the design is not written across the package but titled on a angle in my opinion. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


 This image is a brand name Volcom backpack whatever you want to call it. Its functions is to carry your books in side and also carry your skateboard on the side of the bag. Its more of a punkish look. I saw it in Sun Pacific whatever the store is called in the mall we have in Champaign. I really like the design of the bag because of its colors, the way how typography is placed on the backpack. I went through a phase where I wanted to be a punkish and carry but never happened. The type of style I think it fits it might be psychedelia but I might be wrong. I think the artwork quality stands out. It is well known bag and very expansive back when I bought it. And yes it is a boys bag but who cares these days. It attracted me so I had to buy it, I was going to use it anyway for school so I said why not.