Friday, April 13, 2012

What it is? This a Bed Head brand name hairspray for men. Its function is to keep your hairstyle apparently steady, perfect, and smelling good. What I don't like about this product, it leaves white flakes in hair after a while. I first saw it in Jcpenny's salon then I bought it. My hairstylist said the brand it really good so I thought to try the hairspray out. What attracted me also to this product it the grungy feel to this bottle.   I feel like it is a bad boy spray, just like what you see in the AXE commercials. I really like the design of the product, it is simple, straight forward which you know who the product is for, and on the bottom it has clean typography. I might be wrong but I think the typography that is on the bottom might be Univers or Futura medium. There is really not that much of an artist look to but the grungy big B that it has on the bottle.

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