Friday, February 3, 2012

Yellow Pages Logo

This is another before and after logos for Yellow Pages (Phone Book). Its function is for people to find address, phone numbers, or any businesses you need to find. Yellow pages are locally or depends on the area you are at. I think this book is every useful and has very useful information. For example, if u need to get a hold of the plumber after a huge party in your house LOL or print shop to get your art work printed for your portfolio. It is cool how they change the logo, and this website shows how the collected their information and changed the logo. Everyone should check it out because you would never believe that yellow thing came form a shape of a rock. This is the website:
I think they did an amazing job creating the logo much cleaner and modern. I was researching this on the website it said they used Franklin Gothic typeface. This attracted me because I actually had to use a phone book and I know it is out dated to use a book but I was around me so why not. Like I mentioned before I love to explore new logos because it always inspires me to create a unique one for me.

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